"Supriya challenges traditional thinking constructively."
Senior VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Technology Company


You will work with a highly effective, supportive and honest International Coach Federation-certified executive coach to help you show up differently as a leader and achieve your goals. CHANGE HAPPENS FROM THE INSIDE-OUT Do you wonder what “Executive Coaching” is all…

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GET AN EXPERT GUIDE TO ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION Our business transformation and organizational change services cover all of your needs from the conception of an idea for how your business needs to change to taking action to drive that…

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BOOK A DYNAMIC ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION SPEAKER Supriya’s strength is making the abstract concepts of organizational change and business transformation real so participants walk away motivated to pursue clear next steps for themselves and their organizations. If you need a…

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Supriya Desai is a respected consultant and corporate leader with certified expertise in change, transformation and coaching.

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“We had to integrate new teams and create a “one team” mentality to take the business forward. Supriya helped us identify the key goals and objectives for the new operating model and think through how we could build a culture of shared accountability within our new team to make it all happen. Supriya helped us work through the issues we needed to address as a team, as well as how we needed to work together. Thanks to Supriya’s help, our team is focused on the most important aspects of change and we are well equipped to deal with the challenges along the way.”


Supriya is an excellent Change Leader who knows how to translate concepts into actions that drive meaningful change. She is a strategic thinker who is able to take seemingly disparate threads of information and link them together in a meaningful way. She is tenacious and passionate about doing what is right for the client.