In today’s global business environment that is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity (VUCA)and in which every leader must contend with constant change, companies can no longer delegate responsibility for planning and executing strategic changes to a small cadre of change management practitioners.

The environment of the 80’s called for companies to adopt a continuous improvement mindset; the 90’s demanded more pervasive customer focus throughout the enterprise. This decade’s call is for every senior level manager and above to learn how to develop their teams quickly and confidently into agile change adapters and remain competitive in the face of constant market unpredictability.

Supriya Desai, CEO of ASC* Advisory, argues why the delegation of managing change to a specialized function won’t work anymore, and suggests how businesses need to evolve to meet the VUCA-related challenges of today.

If you are a business executive, this is a must-watch for you. If you lead a change management function, this vlog episode will help you conceptualize what’s next for your organization.

Managing Change in a Dynamic Global World