We are masters of our trade

Desai Transformation started as an independent advisory and coaching firm specializing in strategy execution, business transformation and organizational change leadership. We provide trustworthy, candid, creative and practical insights to executive-level change leaders and management teams about how to successfully plan and execute transformation. We now primarily provide executive leadership coaching to develop change masters at the individual and team level, ensuring that leader-led change is the rule not the exception at our clients’ organizations.

We are credible experts in business transformation and organizational change

Our advisory, coaching services and thought leadership are based on the deep professional experience of our Founder and Managing Principal—Supriya Desai. Ms. Desai has managed, led and advised multiple large scale, complex business transformation and organizational change efforts as a corporate leader and as a blue-chip, global management consultant. She trained as an executive leadership coach with Philosophy IB’s ICF-accredited program, having become professionally certified as a coach in 2014 and accredited by the ICF in 2016.

We are client success advocates who believe business transformation and organizational change take a village

Our philosophy at Desai Transformation LLC is to provide optimal value to our clients – our fees are not the lowest you will find, but we offer the deepest experience, the most candid advice and the least wasteful approach. We strive to work efficiently rather than overloading engagements with non-value-added work or staff. Desai Transformation boasts a professional network of exceptional advisors and coaches and subject matter experts, who join our engagements when called for. Learn More About Our Founder, Supriya.