Supriya A. Desai, Managing Principal

Global Change Strategist


My energy comes from working with the best clients in the world, those who are as committed as I am to successfully executing new strategies—and growing into 21st Century Change Masters™ in the process.

When I began my career in business transformation and organizational change expertise in the mid-90’s, I had the great fortune to work with large, complex, world-class companies in diverse industries like hospitality, insurance, professional services, pharmaceuticals and financial services as a management consultant and industry leader. What I experienced while designing and leading several successful, large-scale (Lean/Six Sigma-based) process excellence programs frustrated me at times, and there were also setbacks along the way. Not only did I become skilled in applying best practices in strategic change, I learned what were inherent risks to executing new strategies and how to successfully overcome them.

Desai Transformation was started so I could bring the best of the best practices in organizational change and business transformation execution and leadership to you, our clients. We advise and coach leaders and companies at the highest, best and most creative level possible—based on our deep expertise, constant learning and intense client collaboration.

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