Creating 21st Century Change Masters™ – change capable leaders – is our mission. We achieve it – and demonstrate our commitment to your success – by providing innovative, high impact and practical executive leadership coaching.


First, we focus on building a trust- and credibility-based coaching relationship: Our Founder and Managing Principal, Supriya Desai, demonstrates her commitment to your success through courage, candor and trustworthiness. This starts with an in person introductory meeting and face-to-face coaching sessions only.

Next, we bring a unique style to our client relationships that blends creativity and breakthrough thought with the practical point of view of someone who has ‘been there, done that.’ Building on the International Coach Federation’s globally recognized approach to ethical coaching, Supriya’s unique focus is on developing the individual leader’s capability in the 21st century competencies reflected in the 21st Century Change Masters™ model below.

Third, the philosophy at Desai Transformation is to provide the greatest value to our clients. We strive to work efficiently rather than overloading the coaching relationship with non-value-added activities.

Most importantly, we deliver results through deep expertise. Supriya brings over 20 years in business and 15+ years’ experience of coaching senior leaders in global, large enterprises during times of significant change, uncertainty and transformation. Her expertise is validated by her professional certifications in Lean/Six Sigma, Change Leadership and Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance, as well as her professional accreditation by the International Coach Federation. Supriya has developed a proprietary model called the 21st Century Change Masters™ Leadership Framework. The 21st Century Change Masters™ model outlines best practice competencies leaders and managers need to coach teams through uncertainty and build engagement and ultimately adoption. The model is founded on traditional approaches like Kotter and Prosci, the latest research on change leadership and the recent bounty of behavioral science related to change.

The reality today means companies are dealing with unprecedented, unpredictable and unclear business and organizational environments. Leaders face unique demands and their competency is pushed to the limit in today’s VUCA world. Our coaching approach is designed to equip leaders with the capabilities necessary to thrive and lead their teams to success.

21st Century Change Masters™
Leadership Framework

business transformation and organizational change services

business transformation and organizational change services

The new normal of complex, constant and often unpredictable change shows no signs of abating so leaders must master the art and science of thriving in this environment—building their leadership capabilities to do so along the way. The 21st Century Change Masters™ model helps our coaching clients achieve these goals.


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