Creating 21st Century Change Masters™ – change capable leaders and organizations – is our mission at Desai Transformation LLC. We achieve it – and demonstrate our commitment to your success – by providing relevant, high impact and practical business transformation and organizational change services.


First, we focus on building a great advisory or coaching relationship: Our Founder and Managing Principal, Supriya Desai, is dedicated to clients of Desai Transformation and demonstrates that through her attention, focus and trustworthiness.

Next, we bring a unique style to our client relationships that involves candor, creativity, and innovation and the smart, practical point of view of someone who has ‘been there, done that.’ The singular motivation of all Desai Transformation advisors is our clients’ success, and we hold ourselves as responsible for fulfilling our commitments as we do our clients for providing us with the management access and information necessary to assess, diagnose and address their most strategic issues.

Third, the philosophy at Desai Transformation is to provide the greatest value to our clients. We strive to work efficiently rather than overloading engagements with unnecessary or non-value-added work and staff. However, when it can add meaningful value to solving the client’s challenges, Ms. Desai will partner with subject matter experts from her network of top-tier professional advisors.

Most importantly, we deliver results through deep expertise. Supriya brings over 20 years in business and 15+ years’ experience leading, managing and coaching large-scale change and transformation in global, complex and large enterprises. Her expertise is validated by her professional certifications in Lean/Six Sigma, Change Leadership and Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance. We work with traditional change management methodologies (Kotter, Lewin, ADKAR, Big 4 methods, etc.), but have developed our own proprietary, modernized approach to transformation called 21st Century Change Masters™ Execution Framework and Leadership Framework. The 21st Century Change Masters™ model encompasses best practices in designing transformation strategy, planning and executing big change and competencies leaders and managers need to coach teams through uncertainty and build capabilities. The model is founded on conventional approaches, the latest research on transformation success factors and the recent bounty of behavioral science now available. Desai Transformation advisors can practice both old and new approaches to change, but we believe the 21st Century Change Masters™ model better addresses the new realities facing global businesses today.

The reality today means companies are dealing with unprecedented, unpredictable and unclear changes in their competitive environments. Leaders face unique demands on their operations and people, and strategies that used to produce result are under intense pressures. Organizations are constantly in flux, yet performance and results are expected to continue unabated.

The long-term yet immediate organizational challenge of adapting to a rapidly changing environment calls for more engaging, nimble and capability-building execution as well as better skills to lead people through uncertainty.

21st Century Change Masters™
Execution Framework

business transformation and organizational change services

21st Century Change Masters™
Leadership Framework

business transformation and organizational change services

The new normal of complex, constant and often unpredictable change shows no signs of abating so companies must master the art and science of thriving in this environment—building their organizational capabilities to do so along the way. The 21st Century Change Masters™ model helps clients achieve these goals.


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