We don’t subscribe to the conventional notion…

…that ‘bigger is better’ when it comes to a management consulting partner. Desai Transformation’s Founder and Managing Principal, Supriya Desai, spent 9 years as a big four management consultant and almost as long working with big firm consultants as a senior corporate change leader. She saw the limitations of the big firm approach to transformation and change and came up with a smarter alternative for the smartest business leaders.

1. Bigger is definitely not better.

We know that businesses no longer compete only on size and scale – even Walmart isn’t immune to the need to innovate. Yet many large consulting firms imply scale is an advantage by throwing a heavy slide deck, complicated program or project implementation plan and lots of consultants at a project. At times, groundbreaking ideas that would could use less resources or may be perceived by the client as unconventional are overlooked in the race for billable hours and easy client approval. Smart as most big firm consultants might be, an army with a mediocre approach and great project plan is simply a well-organized but still mediocre army.

The smartest clients want a consulting partner who will bring the most innovative solutions to the table, partner with them to understand and address their needs, and avoid the easy solution in favor of the best one for the client. That truly is Desai Transformation (DT).

DT’s advantage is in our ability to operate with agility in response to your needs, constraints and resources. We bring the most relevant, innovative and modern solutions to your business transformation or organizational change challenges, and then partner with you to develop an approach that yields lasting immediate results as well as long-term payoff.

It doesn’t take a consulting army to do what the strategic experts at Desai Transformation can do: combine our groundbreaking ideas and deep experience with your talent to meet your business needs.


2. Innovation rules.

Our global VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) is one where innovation rules, agility is essential and the nimble win. The world has changed fundamentally in the last 20 years yet most consulting firms are still using 25-year-old organizational change models designed for change that occurs in episodes and translates into distinct projects or programs with a definable beginning, middle and end (e.g. unfreeze/refreeze). Many large consulting firms see change and transformation as ancillary services so they don’t invest their considerable resources into developing a more modern, relevant idea for thriving during unprecedented uncertainty.

But DT has done exactly that because we know that the challenge of thriving during change IS the challenge of the 21st century.

The DT model is based on a decidedly more modern view of a global business landscape shaped by VUCA forces, and how we can help our clients build the long-term capability to thrive in this environment. We believe long term competitiveness in 21st century markets shaped by continuous, unpredictable changes can’t be built using 20th century change models. Our 21st Century Change Masters™ model combines proven practices, deep practical experience and the latest science to offer a new set of leadership and operational practices that can help companies achieve short-term business objectives AND become more change-capable over time.


3. You get more than a hammer from us.

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – Abraham Maslow

DT Managing Principal Supriya Desai brings nearly 20 years of practical experience designing, planning and executing a variety of complex organizational change and business transformation efforts including culture change, operating model transformations, strategic shifts, reorganizations and restructurings, merger integrations, enterprise-wide Lean/Six Sigma programs, and quality improvement programs.

The sheer breadth and depth of DT’s expertise means we have seen what works and doesn’t work, and can help develop a solution that works for your business. There is no cookie-cutter approach at Desai Transformation. Our model serves as our philosophical guide while our problem solving approach is 110% tailored to the challenges and objectives of our valued clients.


We get the last word. For now.

If you’re looking to outsource change, hire the big management consulting firm army (though we don’t recommend it for all the reasons just stated), clear out a section of office space (and your checkbook) and get ready to possibly become a consulting firm’s ‘gravy train.’ If on the other hand, you want to apply modern, groundbreaking solutions to your 21st century transformation challenge in partnership with talent at the top of their game, reach out and let us know how Desai Transformation can help.