Top 3 Telecom Company Explores New Agile Human Resources Strategy: Strategist, Organizational Change Management


Issue: One of the country’s largest telecom companies acquired a series of content and new media businesses to expand its portfolio of products and services. Thus, the Human Resources organization supporting the new division faced unique talent acquisition, management and development challenges when targeting high-tech talent pools. The Head of HR understood they needed to become faster, more nimble and responsive to effectively serve their businesses.

His business challenge was to define how his team should tackle “Agile HR” and what it meant for the sizable and rapidly growing business he served.

Action: My goal was to help the HR and business leadership teams truly understand Agile HR and develop a meaningful and focused strategy. I began by establishing a shared understanding of the Agile HR concept and what it might look like in that business. The discovery phase was followed by feedback gathering with key HR Business Partners, Centers of Excellence partners and business executives (customers). In a series of facilitated workshops and 1-on-1 interviews, Supriya sought to understand current problems and apin, to align goals around a potential move towards Agile HR, and to identify potential barriers and enablers to the transformation process. A change strategy and set of specific implementation recommendations was developed based on the discovery and feedback findings. Supriya discussed the findings and recommendations with multiple HR executives from across the enterprise to build understanding and calibrate support.

Impact: Using a straightforward approach, Supriya helped the VP of Human Resources determine if Agile HR was the strategically smart choice for his division, articulate a clear vision for the change to Agile HR, and establish a solid foundation for an effective transformation program. The inclusive and collaborative approach Supriya used over the life of this engagement increased the organization’s capacity for successfully changing by sparking broad management interest in Agile HR, cultivating an accurate understanding of a potential future state among key HR players and their business executive partners, and creating leadership alignment with a shared vision for the future of their organization.

“Our big challenge was trying to define how we wanted to tackle “agility” and what it meant for our Human Resources group. Supriya conducted the needed research that allowed us to understand what we really wanted to do and really focus on a meaningful, feasible yet ambitious strategy. Supriya focused on listening to understand what we really wanted, even though at times I wasn’t sure what we wanted to solve. She grounded us with the right analytics and information, and laid out a plan to move forward and a strategy to secure key stakeholder alignment. Her work will influence future organizational strategies.”

-Vice President of Human Resources, Fortune 50 Telecom Company