Technology Company Enables New Strategy with Modernized Talent Capabilities: Organizational Development (Capabilities), Organizational Change Management


Business Transformation & Change Management Planning, Change Leadership CoachingIssue: The client was transforming business processes and its entire technology platform to become more agile and responsive to dynamic customer needs. Yet, culture, talent development, succession planning, and performance management practices lagged due to an old enterprise identity that didn’t align with the new vision this company had adopted.



Action: Supriya designed a talent development approach that began with key stakeholder alignment interviews with the CEO, executive leadership and key functional leaders. Using the qualitative data gathered through these in-depth discussions, Supriya identified gaps in current versus desired identity (culture, values, core capabilities) and potential risks to cultivating a modern identity that would enable and reinforce the new business strategy. Based on her findings, a working group of change agents from across the enterprise was formed to bridge the gap by synthesizing multiple sets of values, cultural principles and core capabilities that had developed over time and aligning the new identity with the company’s modern vision and business strategy.

The working group essentially answered the questions, “What core capabilities do all employees need to demonstrate consistently to achieve each strategic objective” and “How would we apply this more modern framework to learning and development, succession planning or performance management?” An enterprise-wide core capabilities framework was developed, socialized with the executive team and rolled out to the enterprise along with an effort to customize core capabilities to each functional area to facilitate key human capital practices. Finally, a Core Capabilities L&D Guide was developed that provided recommended learning resources within the 70:20:10 framework.

Impact: The inclusive problem solving and design approach, along with output that reflected diverse thinking, was a significant boon to employee morale post-layoffs. Additionally, the L&D Guide was a value-added resource badly needed by employees who had traditionally received little in the way of professional development. Perhaps most importantly, the Core Capability Framework has provided the foundation for all future human capital initiatives, policies and practices in performance management, learning and development, succession planning and culture change.

“Small to mid-size organizations are often challenged with having enough budget and resources to get the most strategic work accomplished. I needed an experienced Organizational Development and Change Leader who could augment my staff for us to achieve our goals.

“Supriya is a good thought partner and helped me generate and consider various approaches to this project. She offered a depth of knowledge and expertise that was very helpful to me, which in turn led to a better outcome. With her help, we could deliver a quality product that resonated with all levels of the organization making implementation easier with a rapid adoption rate.

“Supriya has an innate curiosity about how organizations work. She is unassuming in her approach, asks great questions to open dialogue and yet can challenge traditional thinking in a constructive manner. She can quickly develop relationships resulting in a strong partnership for getting results.”

– Senior VP and Chief Human Resources Officer