Consumer Goods Company CEO & CHRO Recognize That Senior Leaders Need New Skills for The ‘New Normal’ of Constant Uncertainty: Executive Workshop Design & Facilitation


Leading Change, Executive Workshop Design & FacilitationIssue: Having recently emerged from an extended period of uncertainty around the future of the US $2.5 billion consumer goods company, a progressive CEO and his CHRO recognized that the future held only promises of more ambiguity. With existing product category leaders to maintain and even more ambitious short- and long-term performance targets, executives understood that total engagement of their managers and employees had to be a top priority. But how would senior leaders lead in the new normal of unpredictable uncertainty, when their skills reflected the old reality?

Action: Supriya worked in collaboration with an outside OD Advisor as well as the CEO, CHRO and Senior Director of Organization Development to design a senior leader development workshop – based on Desai Transformation’s 21st Century Change Masters™ Leadership Framework. The interactive, practical and leading-edge “Leading Through Uncertainty” 2.5 hour workshop was facilitated by Supriya and delivered for the 55 extended management team including top executives.

Impact: Participants gave very positive reviews of the workshop, during which several new change leadership skills were practiced with real-time examples and small breakthroughs that illustrated the power of vulnerability and resilience in navigating change. The CEO and CHRO of this Consumer Packaged Goods Company (valued at US $5.1 billion) enthusiastically agreed that the content directly addressed their needs and helped the leadership team begin a productive conversation.

Key Insight: Even strong teams can benefit from learning the new skills necessary to lead in the 21st century “new normal” of constant uncertainty – skills like resilience, vulnerability and mindfulness. During times of transition, leadership teams that continue with ‘business as usual’ create unnecessary risk to the business by not providing the essential guidance and coaching needed by ALL employees during difficult, complicated change efforts.