Professional Services Firm Aims for New Growth with a New Operating Model: Change Strategy, Organizational Change Management, Project Leader


Issue: In the fact of increasing market competition and stagnant growth, the largest business unit within a midsize professional services firm chose to reorganize around its customers and key industries and pave the way for faster growth in higher margin segments. The changes would impact core sales and talent processes, organizational structure, management processes, and culture, making it a true transformation.

Action: As Change and Project Leader, Supriya planned and implemented virtually every aspect of this operating model transformation. Supriya worked with the business unit’s Regional Managing Director and his top leaders to design a change strategy that made sense for their business based on change scope and complexity. Supriya facilitated the leadership team through the work of developing a transformation road map with milestones and associated expected benefits that guided a detailed project plan.

Through facilitated design workshops and one-on-one discussions, Supriya helped the functional leaders for account management, talent management, recruiting and solutions to design new processes, org structures, and roles and responsibilities in collaboration with their functional teams. The leadership team, with Supriya’s facilitation, developed a set of guiding principles that provided the foundation for the culture change necessary to shift sales focus from transactional to value-added services.

To enable the all-important people changes that would fuel the business change, Supriya designed and implemented a change management plan that focused on informing, engaging and preparing employees from across the business to have a say in and ultimately adopt the changes. Supriya designed and administered a simple, customized longitudinal survey to gauge attitudes towards the change and about the change process that was used to refine the changes post-implementation and design change interventions to increase change adoption. As project leader, Supriya coordinated and guided activities within all work streams, helped meet deadlines and held the team accountable for task completion, working closely with the Regional Managing Director on all fronts.

Impact: In addition to serving as the model for the enterprise-wide growth transformation, this business unit achieved top levels of organizational alignment, employee commitment to change and change adoption throughout the 7-month implementation and reinforcement period. Revenue impact is expected in 12-18 months, given the long sales and business development cycle in consulting services.

“Supriya provided overarching structure, guidance, etc. that was invaluable to getting [our transformation program] successfully implemented. We couldn’t have done it without her.”

-Members of Transformation Leadership Team, Mid-size Professional Services Company