Our Approach

At Desai Transformation, we provide executive coaching to a variety of managers and leaders. Our primary work is with managers experiencing or leading major change, either in their personal careers or in their organizations. The mission of the firm, led by our Lead Executive Coach, Supriya Desai, is to help managers learn how to navigate themselves and others through change to lead to positive outcomes.

What makes DT coaching special?

  • High touch: All coaching begins with face to face sessions, either in person or via video (Skype, Google Hangouts, Go To Meeting, corporate video applications, etc.). Later sessions may transition to video or telephone, while email is reserved for interim urgent communications (e.g. last minute refresher before a meeting, action step reminders, etc.) or between-session questions.
  • Certified: Supriya Desai is a professional ICF executive coach, as are all DT coaches. That means clients receive the highest standard of coaching, recognized worldwide.
  • Flexible: Our coaching process is structured enough that you will know what to expect yet flexible enough to allow us to work with clients in a mutually satisfactory way.
  • High value: The value goes well beyond the one-on-one sessions – from client assessments to goal setting and action planning to impactful coaching sessions, we are committed to providing a high touch and high impact experience designed to help clients achieve their goals. Clients develop self-management and leadership skills that last a lifetime.
  • No surprises: We offer flat-rate pricing for all coaching packages, including customized.

Getting Started

  1. Along with the manager’s willingness to receive and response to feedback, the coaching relationship is of primary importance to the success of coaching in achieving results. Interview multiple professional coach candidates.
  2. Coach and client must form a trusting, honest and nonjudgmental bond. Finding the right coach for you is about more than liking them – choose a coach who will challenge you and help you grow.
  3. Clarify your intention for coaching – why engage in coaching now?
  4. Understand what you’re getting into – ask coach candidates about their process. Being prepared makes it more likely that you’ll get the most out of coaching.
  5. Be open and ready to work hard, see results and feel great about your growth!

Coaching Investment Options

Lasting changes in behavior takes time and sustained, regular attention to learning and growth. Our feedback-driven coaching packages range from 6 to 12 months. Feedback-driven means coaching engagements that include administering a 360-type style assessment and using that data, amongst other feedback, to develop a manager’s coaching goals. Towards the end of a coaching relationship, coach and manager discuss the potential benefits of continuing the coaching process.

  1. Six-month package (includes 12 hrs of 1-on-1 coaching sessions): $12,500
  2. Nine-month package (includes 18 hrs of 1-on-1 coaching sessions): $15,000
  3. Twelve-month package (includes 24 hrs of 1-on-1 coaching sessions): $20,000

*Reduced pricing is available for non-profit or government executives.

We offer custom coaching programs for leaders and leadership teams, such as:

  • Coaching packages that are not 360-type feedback-driven but instead gather feedback less formally (typically used by entrepreneurs or solo practitioners)
  • Programs designed to build specific behavioral attributes, for example new organizational culture frameworks
  • Coaching intensives for leadership teams (consisting of team-based and individual coaching meetings)

*Customized coaching package pricing available upon request

*DT does not offer individual sessions, nor does it offer packages less than six (6) months long.