Our business transformation and organizational change services cover all of your needs from the conception of an idea for how your business needs to change to taking action to drive that change forward, and building the capabilities to forever transform how your people and operations navigate change moving forward.

Assess Readiness

Leveraging current research and our deep expertise in organizational change and business transformation, we help leadership assess the organization and their plans against proven business transformation critical success factors. Working together with client team members, we identify gaps that can prevent successful execution of organizational change, and serve as a trusted adviser to guide next steps and improve organizational effectiveness. The diagnostic process is practical yet thorough, and is conducted with members of the client’s senior management and/or leadership team for the most accurate, practical outcomes. In this way, Desai Transformation’s approach integrates client capability building into the engagement, ensuring the knowledge doesn’t leave when we do.

Plan & Execute

Desai Transformation provides expert business transformation planning and execution support in partnership with the client’s top executives responsible for driving the change and/or the Program Team that may be in place to oversee execution. Our focus is to achieve business transformation objectives while simultaneously developing clients’ change capability.

*SWAT* Diagnostic

If progress stops or new leadership calls for an evaluation of an ongoing business transformation or organizational change effort, the SWAT Diagnostic rapidly assesses the stalled or troubled initiative against proven critical transformation success factors to identify where course-correcting is needed. This fast, intense process must be leader-led in order to have credibility and drive a shift in approach, so Desai Transformation works closely with senior executives accountable for business transformation results to review results and recommend actions.

Build Capabilities

Clients needing to develop a more change-capable leadership team or stronger organizational change leaders throughout the business can rely on Desai Transformation to create practical and customized workshops, learning programs and/or ‘playbooks’ to augment a business transformation coaching or advisory engagement. Clients looking to develop 21st Century Change Masters™  can have the Desai Transformation model incorporated into their change-enablement learning program.



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